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The Races

Posted on April 26, 2008 - Filed Under self reflect

We were out shopping for parts for a client and CompUSA was having a PC-Race (building a pc in the quickest amount of time) to possibly win a flat screen TV. I wasn’t really THAT interested, but the guys all know me there (scary) and both JP and Gary thought I should give it a go. I can’t stand high pressure so I probably needed a Colorado Bullfrog or two to keep the jitters down. Regardless, out of 7 contestants (all men but me) I came in 3rd place.
Of course, when I analyzed the footage, I lost time simply because I was concerned about where to toss the CPU cover! Men throw shit where-ever it seems fit, and I had to be little “tidy-lady” about it. Additionally, I know the rules: you don’t plug the power in while your are messing inside (the machines were being donated to a local school) but the guy who won practically had it ON before he finished closing the case! I had to follow the flipping rules! HEY, third isn’t too bad when the record for all entrants that day was 2:20! Chicks rule – and Techie-Geek Chicks really rule. The guy next to me was eying what I was doing and he knew I was a Techie-Geek Hot Chick who knew how computer things should fly! (I probably need a u-tube account to show the video… maybe later)


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