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NY 20th Reunion

Posted on November 5, 2007 - Filed Under self reflect

Finally had a chance to organize my favorite images from the NY trip for our 20th High school Reunion. When we arrived we took a leisurely tour of our old homes, starting with Gary’s and then over to my old place in Pleasant Valley. By then we were starving so we stopped at Four Brother’s pizza where I proceeded to eat pizza with my sister Monica on the phone (eat your heart out!). We stayed with Ken and Darlene Schofield (my best friends brother) whom we had the BEST TIME with! Not all the pictures are here… this is the collection of favorite. Please note the door – something that made me think of Monica and Michael. I took the pic and the address of the antique shop – just in case then needed to add it to their home. Enjoy. See Pictures of the trip:


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