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Little Giz Gets the SnipSnip

Posted on October 2, 2007 - Filed Under self reflect

So the little guy went in to get fixed, and oh the tremor it created. Days before the deed I had family calling to debate our decision: “What if we want more Gizmos? What if we can breed him for money? Can’t you get his papers before you do this? Maybe you should wait? Poor little guy, you are taking his manhood!” Yes, I considered canceling his appointment and keeping him whole, but really, it wasn’t likely we would breed him or fuss. So the little guy was brought to the vet for the deed. I won’t forget the guilt as he wagged his tail, seeing familiar faces that have given him several baths. He looked up at me with a face that said “Oh goodie, bath time again?” but instead he got his cojones removed. We brought him home 8 hour later with a morphine induced gaze and long sighing whimpers. The doctor told us they gave him the morphine to keep him from bouncing so much after surgery (they also extracted 6 baby teeth!) We cooed and cuddled and smothered him with sympathy. I made him scrambled eggs, and flavored his dog food with chicken stock. He is such a good dog – and he took it in like it was owed him (and it was!)

And so it was done. The next morning, coming off his morphine daze, he sniffed and licked at a spot that just didn’t feel the same. Justin was forced to impose the lampshade to keep his “area” from getting too much attention. Poor guy – it must have been humiliating.

What is most amazing is that he still loves us, even after all this. He hasn’t paid any more attention to the area except to lick it when it feels good. His little “lipstick” still pokes out when I get home and greet him and rub his belly. Nothing has changed except that he is now a eunuch. I expect his bark will likely will stay the same. It hasn’t changed his mind about Dez, a dachshund at his intermediate puppy training classes. He is still really excited to see her. Dog ownership – what an adventure.


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