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One Answer – Pooper “Gizmo”

Posted on July 7, 2007 - Filed Under self reflect

Ha – found a remedy. We have added a new boy to the family! I never thought I could be that wrapped up, but it has happened! We got a puppy, a miniature dachshund – Gizmo! On the way to a client I saw the poster on the road, and hoping for a dachshund one day, I knew I needed to follow up. The breeders daughter was in love with him, and that Sunday, as we went to inspect the puppies, he was the one that wasn’t too timid and not to aggressive!

We have been cleaning poop and pee spots for about 4 weeks, been through the trauma of deworming, gotten an itty-bitty tag for his collar, and Justin and I split the cost of buying him – $250 a piece! He has been so much fun (despite the things he finds to chew on – an quick trips back to the pad to go pee-pee mid stream!) The sense of “What Now?” stress has somehow quieted in my mind as I find ways to engage with Gizmo. Justin, is by far, BESIDE himself. He keeps asking when Gizmo can sleep in his bed, and he taught him to sit the first week!

We are also learning about the investment. $198 for the puppy pack with the vet, $99 for 8 weeks of training classes, $105 for toys, food, pee-pee pads, collar, leash, shampoo, brush, crate, bedding… and there is more looming ahead. The first week or two I obsessed about how much time he was home alone. Gary would leave the TV on for him when we would go.

Everyone loves him. We have been informed that we are not welcome at my Dad’s unless the little guy is along. We were excited about a beach trip last weekend, drove 2 hours to Clearwater, paid for 3 hours in the parking area, and walked up to the beach and clear blue water only to find signs that said “No DOGS Allowed.” and suddenly realized how few dog friendly places there are. We ate at Subway and returned home – the little guy as forlorn as us.

Regardless, we are making plans to enjoy the beach with the guy – or without – soon.

Puppy love!


One Response to “One Answer – Pooper “Gizmo””

  1. Anonymous on August 20th, 2007 10:37 am

    What a cute dog! I expect that Hailee might like him.