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My Sister Got Married – and other tales

Posted on March 4, 2007 - Filed Under self reflect

Well, my little sister finally did it. For so long I have heard her fuss about relationships, marriage, and her quiet avoidance of a soul mate. As I flipped through pictures I found one that sent me bursting into tears – not because of sadness, but rather, from a sense of knowing the warm love that exists with Michael and how he has waited patiently for Monica to get her act together. It reminded me of the way I felt hugging my Snoopy (stuffed) at the end of a long and painful day when I was 7 or 8 years old, or maybe that piece of my own soul that just wants to absorb the love of my life right into me after almost 8 years of marriage. I am grateful that Monica has found someone so tender and patient, goodness knows she’s a spark! As the weekend passed, and the ceremony ended in the gathering of friends and family, I felt warm about my own enduring marriage and commitment. Perhaps weddings do that, but in this case it meant more to me to see my sister happy and moving into a new experience.

I wrote to them in their guest book, “Every action should be with the best intention toward each other. when you hit the bumps, remember that every ride needs pot-holes, gravel, and twists (and some occasional hydroplaning), which keeps us awake at the wheel and full of adventure.” I look forward to supporting them in their new journey together.


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