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Swamp Rain

Posted on January 23, 2007 - Filed Under self reflect

I am having a hard time, and perhaps the rain, something we have needed more of in the lake-filled flatlands of Florida added to my melancholy. Somehow the rain makes me feel more closed in and isolated.

I have this beautiful new 6ft window in the office but I am watching the lake slowly shrivel away as the land eats things up. Reminds me of the human race. A sunken boat that has been in the lake for at least three years is now landlocked and the birds have stopped sunning themselves there as they now longer have a view of the fish. Every morning two young osprey come to the lake to practice their dives – I have watched as their wings have gone from white to blotched tan, and they shed their feathers and work their way into adolescence.

I guess I will be practicing a new way to live life once I am done with school. I have so much time away from family that getting back in the grove feels awkward. Yet, i am practicing just the same, leaving paperwork at the clinic and taking a day each weekend to lounge around with the boys… we see a movie, go to eat, and play air hockey. Life isn’t difficult compared to friends of mine who have greater challenges and I feel guilty for feeling whiny and melancholy.

I hear the rain will clear today. Meanwhile, AZ got snow and I am jealous. I could use a snow day!


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