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Dreaming – Resistance

Posted on January 21, 2007 - Filed Under self reflect

I woke this morning with dreams still floating in my mind, competing against the list of things to do. I am finding it hard to work on schoolwork when all week I am thinking about clients, progress notes, success plans, and whatnot. So I have images of clear water, much like the springs here in Florida. I am climbing among rocks and there are clients there whom I am organizing into some kind of group. I remember looking at papers with maps on them and little marks where some of my clients are located – where I can expect them to come from. Under the water I can see rocks and fish, and artifacts. Specifically I am not sure, but I dive down trying to gather them. When I emerge, all wet from the water I find myself looking for a safe place to change. I see one of my clients, pregnant, prompting me to come. I want to swim in the water. I want to swim in the water and not visit with clients and work. I guess dreams of time to do things other than work keep me going, but even in my dreams I am resistant.


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