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Posted on January 20, 2007 - Filed Under self reflect

My sister calls – she shares a whirlwind of new life information. “Hmmm,” I say, “what a journey you are on. Any chance it will bring you to Florida?” She snickers warmly, then sighs. She is at a crossroads, and like so many of my clients, I hear the tumblings of mental feet on the landscape of life that has produced new paths. What is it? What does change mean? It is lovely, in a way, although I admit I don’t like it when it happens to me, but I know I have the makings of a new path for myself. It feels like, if I could imagine being the earth, the start of a new stream as the river overflows, drowning out things that have always just been and forming new beginnings and opportunities to thrive and evolve. I see that coming for me, much smaller than Monica, but as I come to the close of my three year program at Rollins, stepping out into the world with new eyes, new friends, and also saying goodbye to the safety and haven that Rollins has provided us on our journey, I also waiver. What am I to do with the rest of my life NOW?? So many opportunities, so many ideas, so many…

I love my sister. We talked till the wee hours of the morning (at least for me with time-zones) and I fell asleep, my thoughts dancing around an amalgamation of words and ideas we passed between us over a digital highway. Sigh.


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