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Dream – Red Underwater Train

Posted on November 1, 2006 - Filed Under self reflect

I am traveling along and have some sense that I am visiting another home. This one seems pretty cookie cutter from the outside but I get in and recognize that it has a very ancient history and I have somehow been lured in for some purpose. I see the walkway to the home, and a child bouncing around on the outside (these images are very foggy in my mind and I am uncertain of them, but I write the sense I have about the dream) I think I hear children chattering and giggling playful outside somewhere. When I go in I feel trapped in the house, like I have been captured and I am somehow the missing piece in a very old puzzle. As I move through rooms there are very strange arrangements. Rooms are like being an a elaborately decorated cave, stone, red velvet curtains, and numerous contraptions that I can not name and do not know what they are for. There is a big room, with a watery pool in the middle. The water is clear and almost crisp – looks delicious even. I feel like this is a very special place but that it also housed years of pain and struggle. (So much of this house has dissipated from my memory due to an early morning phone cal from a client during my awareness state just as I woke up) Different rooms are for different people, and were built specifically for them. I sense a brother is here, a boy who fought with another person here, violently, and that some of this is the result of his pain. “Some of this” referring to the growth of this elaborate space and the sense of isolation from the world. I am drawn to a very large room, it has a huge window looking into water – like an ocean or river – I know it is a large body of water but it is not on the surface of the earth, but hidden. I see this very red- multicolored rock through the glass in the water. Light is hitting it in a way that makes it beautiful and I comment on it. “I love that rock out there, it is beautiful.” I get a nod of agreement – I don’t see it, I feel it, from the person who is bringing me around or with me.


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