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Dream – Face Up

Posted on October 28, 2006 - Filed Under self reflect

I am walking up to a house, I have a Realtor with me, and I believe Gary (husband) and Justin (son) also follow along. Why we are looking at houses I am not sure, but we are looking at this one. As we walk up to the house there is a pile of white rocks spread evenly along the walkway (reminds me of Greek style design- ornamental) As we get to the turn at the end toward the front door (the layout is much like the condo’s here where we currently live) I see this very round face sticking out like a stone from the white rocks. I am not sure if it is wax, or real, or a stone sculpture. It is the face of the prior owner. The eyes are very large and round, much like a cartoon or someone glaring intensely. I stop to look and the Realtor says it is one of the nice features of this house. I am almost waiting for it to speak to me. We then enter into the house and there is an old woman in there. She is not too frail or old that she can’t comfortably move around. She is wearing stockings and a very colorful dress. I touch her skin and it is soft and supple and somewhat stretchy. There is a bedroom immediately to the left of the front door, and its door is covered by a translucent red curtain (like the one in our home office) so I can see through it and hear through it. My husband and she are lying on the bed, eyes closed, facing up towards the ceiling. He is doing counseling. He is situated a bit closer to the head board than she is, and her feet are dangling just at the edge of the bed. (He is on the left side and she on the right, closest to the door) My son has slipped into the room and is laying on the floor at the foot of the bed, also with eyes closed, listening carefully to the verbal exchanges between Gary and the woman. I hiss at him to come out of the room, the conversation is private… Gary is counseling her. Justin asks me why, disappointed that he couldn’t be a listener to the stories the woman is telling. I try to coax him out without disturbing them. At some point I am sitting at her feet, much like I used to do with my grandmother, and looking up to her as she speaks to me. I am patting her hand as I listen, her face is soft and gentle.

I am driving to get to a gathering. I am stopped at a red light going left. (not sure) Then, my family and I are at a small convention. Vicky (god mother) is here. The speaker is talking about fortunate families and kids who have gotten something they need. As she is talking about some families; I see her hold up some red sneakers with white toes. She says that “this little boy got his dream sneakers”, he is a special needs child. She holds up a “Kids Life” magazine and the child is on the cover with two other children. It looks like the shot was taken from below them as if they are jumping on a trampoline. He has a grimace on his face but I see the red shoes. Everyone cheers and claps. The woman begins handing out other things like envelopes, or magazines, and people hug her and thank her. I see Vicky approach me, she is holding an envelope and in it is a renewal she has paid for a magazine I had subscribed too. I tell her I don’t need it, there are others more worthy of her little investments, and she hugs me and says “No, this is for you.” I hear the crown clapping and cheering. I think to myself that it is a bit wasteful because I don’t have much time for the magazines and journals I get, so I don’t read them, and the wonder how I can make her investment more useful. I don’t feel like I belong with the other families so in need of little things, I thought I was there to celebrate.


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