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Dream – Illness in Infancy

Posted on October 17, 2006 - Filed Under self reflect

I am with my sister in law – Whitney. We are watching Jack – he doesn’t look the same, instead he has dark black hair and brown eyes but he is still a beautiful baby. She is fussing with him, he acts like he is hungry but then just before he eats he falls asleep and if she lays him down he starts to fuss. I tell her to go out and take a break, I will watch the baby. I hold him in my arms and admire his beautiful sleeping face. My husband is present somewhere, I don’t see him but he is there. I put the baby down and he wakes, fussing for food. Gary picks him up and starts to feed him, he suddenly fusses more so I take him, knowing he is gassy. I can hear it in his cry. I know Whitney burps him gently but I have learned that a little more gentle effort is better at relieving the gas. I know this because of Justin; I sense I “have experience at this.” I pick up the baby and begin to burp him and he belches softly, his body relaxes in my arms and he gets sleepy again. I am confident that he will sleep for a while so I go outside to do some yard wok. I talk to someone and do things that pass the time (I am unsure exactly what I was doing in the yard – I wouldn’t have a clue in daily life). I hear a sharp scream from the baby so I go back in to see what is wrong. He has a spoon of white stuff and is grimacing – sort of like he is pleased with himself for getting his own food. I think it is baby cereal but I see all kinds of things strewn about and the fridge is wide open. As I am approaching a container on the ground I hear and see him take another mouthful and as he swallows he grimaces in pain. I think, what is doing that? If it hurts, why do it again. I see a large jar of horseradish opened on the ground and several spoonfuls missing. The baby suddenly stiffens across the room and falls back onto his mattress on the floor like a board. His arms are out like a zombie. I look closer at the horseradish and see that it is horribly bad, with bluish bacteria growing on the surface. I run to the baby and realize he is gently shaking; his eyes are rolled back in his head. I try to pick him up, thinking that I should make him vomit to get rid of the poison in his body.. He is very hard to pick up, he feels three times as heavy as he was. I finally get him in my arms and run back across the room to the sink but his tongue is swollen in his mouth and I know if I try to make him gag and throw up the food will choke him. I now begin to feel panic, and get a phone to dial 911. I am unsure if the call will go through because we have an internet phone and they state it doesn’t work the same way.

(INTERMISSION -Husband wakes me up to kiss me goodbye – as I fall back asleep the dream continues)

I am with some people. I know they are colleagues and friends. We are part of a team of phlebotomists in a blood collecting truck. We have made some kind of quota and are celebrating the extra bonus we are being paid. I look around and see vials and needles. Someone comes into the bus. We are driving along a road, the road is narrow, and the ocean is down on the left side. As we take a turn I see that we a very close to the edge and our driver stops quickly – we attempt to back up slowly. I am looking out of the RV front windows and see a jetty of rocks, on them are crawling all kinds of strange creatures. I think they are human but somehow transformed. The doctor says we must help figure out what is changing in their blood and transforming them. Be careful! We are on a mission to collect samples from everyone. I am in a house or maybe still the RV, new members join the crew. Some are not behaving. One, I threaten to move to the girly room if he doesn’t straighten up. A lot of stuff goes on here that involves an illness and our mission. I feel productive, part of a team doing a lot of good work. I am fearful of the strange plague that has inflicted the islanders with this transformation disease, but I am not sure that it is a bad thing. My dream is now dissolving…


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