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Dream – Stairs to Change

Posted on October 12, 2006 - Filed Under self reflect

I have had a house dream every night…

This time my husband and I are doing some kind of performance – we feel we are novice at it however when it is our turn we find ourselves contorting into all kinds of strange shapes. I am watching us from outside of my body. There is a paper on the wall showing some of the positions – I guess it is like yoga, partner yoga. As I walk away towards a home someone stops me to tell me what a great job we have done. They seem to think we know what we are doing and I tell myself that it is good we look like we know, because all that contorting is fairly new to me.

I walked up to a house – bright earthy rose colored, adobe looking mansion. On the right is a large glass window looking out to a beautiful garden with a large pool. People I know are in the pool – I think it is my husband who is sunbathing and some other person swimming – a female.

(not sure) I climb the stairs to a little room at the top. It is a bathroom. I see that there is a toilet, it is part of a tour. I take a quick look around and we descend. – touring the house (unclear)…

I go back to the toilet, this time alone. I notice that across from the toilet are a lot of items intended to ensure all needs are met. I see piles of fresh toilet paper, neatly organized and stacked. Over the vanity are three unopened bottles of ibuprofen to numb any pain. Several boxes of band-aids – unopened and sterile. The toilet has a box of fresh toilet seat covers. I notice it is clean & well prepared for any bathroom mishaps.

The rest of the dream evaporated due to interruptions from family.


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