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Window Frogs

Posted on August 28, 2004 - Filed Under self reflect

Charley came through the little town of Apopka, and though we suffered so little, what a site it was. We live in a quiet community, my condo a beautiful wooden structure with a lake for a backyard.
During the storm a tiny frog, the size of a quarter, latched onto our glass door. Wind pounced on branches and jumped from plants and miscellaneous object strewn about, yet that little guy held on. In my mind, as I watched from the other site of the glass the tiny body clinging firmly despite the onslaught, “hold on little guy, it’ll get better”. Who knows if he found a bitter place to weather Madme Nature, but certainly window frogs are strong enough to weather the worst. Next time I get overwhelmed, I’ll just act like a window frog!


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