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Dream – “If just another day” (Title from dream state)

Posted on November 2, 2006 - Filed Under self reflect

We are sitting at a small dinner party. I see a friend, female, being watched by a very good-looking gentleman from another table to the left of us. He has dark tousled and curly hair, and deep dark eyes with long eyelashes. I get the feeling that I am trying to hook them up, as I see them making eyes at each other occasionally. My friend finds it hard to believe that a man like him would be interested. Something about his eyes tells me he is a warm-hearted and gentle man. I smile at him and he returns the gesture. I hear myself trying to convince her to give this a go. We walk down a hallway and suddenly I am at the door of what looks like a dental cleaning room. A woman, short with blond dark curls, is working on a gentleman in the chair. I notice her eyes, large brown eyes. She is talking to Gary as I stand just slightly behind him. It is something about his teeth. He is told to go to the restroom. I follow him there and he sits on the toilet, almost as if he is ill – he doesn’t look ill, but he is somehow handicapped and I sense I have to be careful with him. I see a sink in front of me, on the left of the sink is a basket of used toothbrushes. A little sign hangs from the front and says, “1 HOUR.” I wonder if each patient has to use a toothbrush from the basket or deposits one there. I don’t understand it and find it a bit gross. I hear someone come in behind me, my husband is trying to pull a curtain, like a shower curtain, in front of himself so he can be in peace. I tell her to leave, we are using the room. She says it doesn’t matter, and I insist that it does.

We are at the top of a river run. (I have had this piece of the dream before, as it is VERY familiar and all of it until I climb the mountain I have experienced.) I think I am there with my adventurous family. I know my son, husband, dad and a few others who are either family or friends. I see the river looks calm and we are going to float down. I get in but everyone else starts to say “no, it is rougher down the way.” I don’t see anything that looks rough and I can already feel the current pulling me down the river. I see some floats go by and I grab one, facing backwards I see the rest of my group get in and grab things they need to make the trip easier, something I did not do. As I turn back I see that it gets very rough ahead, and I lay back to float, filling my lungs and letting myself float on the water. I am hopeful there aren’t any boulders that would be hard to navigate this way. I start down and feel the current and bumps move me along but I am like a piece of paper moving as I go down. The ride is long, and has calmer areas where I turn over an look underwater. I am enjoying scenery, and some of my family members move ahead of me, like my mom and son, I sense that Sam stays back to “take it slow.” The river takes a turn to the right and I begin to see lots of flip-flops and floating devices around me. I grab a mis-matched pair of flip flops, knowing at the end I have to walk up the mountain. I stand on occasion and look in the water at the rocks and stones, the colors. I finally come to the end, my sister, mom, Justin, have arrived their and are quickly pulling themselves out to make the trek up. As other members of the family arrive, they move around me as I am lolly-gagging around. I am a bit aggravated that the flip-flops don’t match, and think for a moment I have two right feet, but look again and see that I do not. Regardless, I wish I had grabbed a different pair or brought my own. I pull myself out of the pool of water that gently churns. (I am not sure what comes first – the sky view or the stairs) I am lying near or under a picnic bench. My son is curled under with me and we are looking at the sky. It is bright blue and there is a large rock overhang that is blocking the left half of our view. As the lighting changes the reflection of the water makes a mirage affect on the black rocks that are jetting out over us and it looks like we are in the sky looking down at the tip of a mountain through the sky. It is amazing the way the sky bleeds into the rocks.

I scramble for my camera, I want a picture. Justin doesn’t notice and asks why I am fussing. I ask him to stop asking so many questions and just look, I want a picture before it goes away. I find my cell phone is the only thing I can use and I try for that. When I look up the sky has turned much darker and I can see a few stars. The effect is gone. I feel very disappointed because it was such an amazing view. I get up to go, as Justin has already gone and I am alone. As I climb they have some wooden stairs that go around the mountain. I remember how my legs burned by the time I got to the top last time and how someone said when the burn gets unbearable there are just a few more steps before the end. About 2- or 30 steps in I see the bathhouse. I go in to the restroom. It is getting darker outside and I am worried that I will be alone making my way back. I notice in the toilet are these big yellow-brown balls of feces and when I try to flush them down they expand like balloons and foam up but will not flush. I feel like someone is watching me and the lighting gets dimmer and dimmer as the sun goes down. I feel like I need to go and have to make that climb by myself. I wake up thinking about the rocks & sky.


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