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Posted on April 20, 2008 - Filed Under self reflect

I was blogging and twitting around, exploring the minds of countless others I haven’t met and found a FAQ page for a blogger and was intrigued… 100 things to know (or not to know). The author actually used some fun long words that after being awake till 4am and then awakening at 8:30am just didn’t stick so I will have to get it together myself and come up with something intelligent.

  1. I was supposed to be a boy
  2. Took them a bit to come up with a name other than Anthony Paul
  3. I remember Mr. Bubble and loved when I got to take a bath with him – where did those days go?
  4. I attended the School of Creative and Performing Arts in San Diego and spent part of a school year dancing, singing, and acting in the hidden rooms of Balboa Park.
  5. I also remember 4th Grade because we got to sing with ABBA for year of the child (1979) at the San Diego Sportsplex.
  6. Better yet, I found my picture in a biography of an ABBA Book I bought at a discounted book store!
  7. Snoopy was my childhood hero and if it weren’t for him I wouldn’t have survived my childhood (at least my imagination would not have survived)
  8. My Grandmother was my favorite when I was 4-12 years old, even though Sunday school said Jesus was supposed to be.
  9. My sister is my favorite now (she loves me unconditionally like grandma did)
  10. I competed with my husband for art scholarships in High School.
  11. I have known Gary for over 20 years!
  12. Gary makes me laugh – which is probably why we are coming on 9 years of marriage and still hold hands and smile.
  13. When I got pregnant with my son I was mortified of telling my grandparents. My grandmother figured it out when I started bouncing in and out of rooms each time she turned on any 1 of the 4 microwaves from the early 80’s scattered throughout her kitchen at mealtime.
  14. I swore I would never name any child of mine Justin.
  15. My son’s name is Justin – long story….
  16. Give me a small bit of flint and I just might be able to start a fire!
  17. I love piano, and secretly dream I can play.
  18. I used to dream I could ice skate gracefully and easily – until I actually tried it.
  19. I learned to roller skate backwards before I could go forwards (been doing that forever)
  20. My dad does yo-yo tricks.
  21. My mom is a spicy fireball of a Colombian – and we love her!
  22. I got my masters degree in Mental Health Counseling and still haven’t started on licensure hours!
  23. I have been teaching forever – it all started with my stuffed critters and little sister. I now teach adult education and LOVE it!
  24. I am a techno-geek-tress.
  25. When I was a teenager I SWORE I would never like computers or get involved with them.
  26. In 1989 my dad brought me a “laptop” to help speed up the typing process (I could actually edit BEFORE I printed).
  27. Now, I am a computer consultant and trainer and maintain a house of computers and gadgets, networks and printers…
  28. I honestly thought I would never get married – everyone gets divorced, why bother?
  29. After I had a kid, I decided maybe I really didn’t believe that…
  30. I was one of a dozen girls who got to put on a fake smile and wave on a float going through Pleasant Valley, NY for the Miss Pleasant Valley contest. The contest was fixed – the girl who babysat all the judges kids won that year.
  31. The next year they asked me to participate again – and I practically fell over laughing (after I said no and hung up the phone) – What? Were those people crazy? My face hurt for a week after all that smiling!
  32. I discovered I could write in high school when a teacher actually saw something more in me than I ever saw in myself.
  33. I became an elementary school teacher because
    a. I loved kids
    b. I didn’t think anyone would respect me as an adult educator
    c. I didn’t believe I was smart enough to be a writer, or a consultant, or anything else (wrong again!)
  34. I think there is more to me than I am willing or courageous enough to express – so I am pretty good at smothering myself. I am hoping the more I write, draw, and explore, the more of me I can get to emerge…
  35. I like playing with my Lame-boy, but only Pokemon because I don’t have to do all that fighting crap that kids love to do… instead I get to grow little critters and compare what I have captured to what other kids have and be silly about it.

Expect this list to grow… but for now, 35 things is pretty damn good on little sleep.


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