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In a Bottle

Posted on October 21, 2007 - Filed Under self reflect | Leave a Comment

I do my best writing in those early waking moments before I am completely lucid and able to rationalize or control my thinking. In that period of time, as my mind wakens, I am flooded with ideas, music, poetry, thoughts, writing, scenarios or problems I had been chewing on but unable to figure out. This […]

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Little Giz Gets the SnipSnip

Posted on October 2, 2007 - Filed Under self reflect | Leave a Comment

So the little guy went in to get fixed, and oh the tremor it created. Days before the deed I had family calling to debate our decision: “What if we want more Gizmos? What if we can breed him for money? Can’t you get his papers before you do this? Maybe you should wait? Poor […]

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